No Bodhi Knows the Trouble We’ve Seen …

Your Antibodhi reminding you of your Zen training.

I made this special Memorial Day Bodhi cookie to look at as we begin our way out of lockdown. It’s the Covid-19 antibodhi that will cure by reminding you of your real strength as you get back out there.

Unless the reopening of Idaho changes within the next few days, this coming Tuesday (May 26, 2020) will be my first visit with a friend other than Mrs. Hanamoku since February 27. It will be the first time I try out my face masks, one made by Mrs. Hanamoku and another by a dear friend of ours.

When you get back out there, keep a clear, tidy mind. Always have room for what the ever-changing Universe presents. “Is that so?” Openness towards learning is always more profitable than taking cover too long. What’s too long? As a figurative rule, longer than “counting to 10”.

Don’t worry too much about death. What is worse than death is a life wasted in fear. Remember that we all live somewhere in time, even if we don’t yet know how to go there for a visit. And that the Corona virus or anything else cannot defeat you because you are the Universe – connected to Everything, mostly in ways we cannot see.

No Enlightened One knows the trouble we’ve seen. That “trouble” is just small chunks taken out of context.

Faith and Patience to you,

Reverend Dukkha Hanamoku

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