The Illusion of the Hockey Stick Curve

The result of constant change, occasionally massive disruptions, and fundamentally yielding to what is. The panoramic scene above represents the culmination of billions of years of natural processes. The photograph can only hint at the awe and wonder I experienced, standing atop a high plateau, contemplating this vast expanse of time and space. The thriving … Continue reading The Illusion of the Hockey Stick Curve

The Eternal Fishnu’s Favorite DALL-E Portraits

The Eternal Fishnu and I had fun playing with OpenAI's DALL-E-2 this weekend. It's very fascinating to see what he looked like during his manifestation as the ith Buddha during the Devonian. For the one person who hasn't heard of DALL-E or ChatGPT, DALL-E is an A.I. that generates images of whatever you describe and … Continue reading The Eternal Fishnu’s Favorite DALL-E Portraits


Bodhi Day is about the realization that enlightenment is the omnipresent understanding that our human perception presents a highly-distorted reality. Our human perception distorts what is a continuous and eternal process into fragments of things and time. We see the Universe as a graph of symbols and relationships. This symbolic-based human perception isn't a flaw, … Continue reading Reality