Merry Christmas! And It’s The Lunar Bodhi Season Eve

buddha cookie 2019
2019 Big Christmas Cookie.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!!

Below are the Bodhi/Christmas cookies of 2019.

Christmas 2019 Bodhi Cookies
2019 Bodhisattva Christmas cookies.


Below is a close-up of the dorje cookie. The gap in the enso usually means something along the lines of “not-yet-perfect”, that the journey still goes on.

From a little different perspective, it reminds me of the constant change in the World. Specifically, the gap reminds me of the gap that will always be there since the model of the world we hold in our heads is never quite as good as the real thing, the Universe. Thus, Perfection and the Universe are one and the same.

Close up of the dorje. The enso is crooked, but rounder after the kink on the upper-left. There’s something poetic about the smoother curve after that kink.

Lunar Bodhi Day Eve

This year, the Lunar Bodhi Day is on January 2, 2020. So that means the seven days of meditation starts tomorrow, December 26, 2019. Please do see the series of posts from the recent “secular” Bodhi Day back on December 8, 2019.

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