Mrs. Hanamoku’s New Buddharupa of the Eternal Fishnu

It’s just about three weeks until December 8, Bodhi Day! However, it’s only a couple of weeks until December 1st when Bodhi Season begins. Fortunately, at least for those in the U.S., Thanksgiving is just a couple of days before, so we can get the feasting out of our systems for the eight days of austerity and meditation.

On Wednesday, Mrs. Hanamoku and members of her watercolor society visited the glass artist, Zion Warne. He let them actually make their own works of art.  For Mrs. Hanamoku’s first attempt with glass, she made a globe of The Eternal Fishnu.



The Eternal Fishnu loved it so much that he ordained it as a Buddharupa of himself. That is, the globe is imbibed with His soul in full. I’m excited to have attended the consecration of the glass globe Buddharupa by the Eternal Fishnu.

The Eternal Fishnu and the Rubber Ducky Buddha of Joliet presiding over the consecration of the glass globe Mrs. Hanamoku made. It is now imbibed with the Soul of the Eternal Fishnu. It too is now the Eternal Fishnu, the Buddha of the Devonian.


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