The Rubber Ducky Buddha of Joliet’s 1st Bodhi Day Anniversary

Rubber Ducky’s Bodhi Day meal. But instead of rice and milk, we made him grits since he loves corn mash.

Today is the first anniversary of the Rubber Ducky Buddha of Joliet’s enlightenment. His Bodhi Day!


I believe this is the first photo I took of Rubber Ducky after this enlightenment.

Here is a little story from a few days after Rubber Ducky’s enlightenment. I think it was November 6, 2017.

When I got “home” from an incredibly fun day with my new friends … I thought I lost Rubber Ducky. I know Rubber Ducky was in my pants pocket as usual when I got in the car to come home. But he wasn’t there as I changed to go to bed. I hadn’t been home long, so there weren’t many places he could be. I looked through the car first, then along the path from the car to the house, rifled through stuff I brought in, my backpack, grocery bags. No Rubber Ducky.

It seems like folks who become enlightened soon leave this realm and I thought that was the case with Rubber Ducky. Well, if Rubber Ducky did leave, it was a day of fun suitable for his last day.

Then I thought I’d check the car one more time. I put on my shoes, jacket, got the keys, and there he was in one of those “compartments” by the gear shift. That’s not too odd, but I really don’t remember taking him out of my pocket.

He said it was a test of losing my dukkha. At least for this test, I guess I did very well. I readily accepted that Rubber Ducky moved on. “Is that so?”, as Hakuin would say.

However, counter-intuitively much more impressive, is that when I found Rubber Ducky, I was equally accepting as when I thought I lost him. This part is hard to grasp that it sounds like life is supposed to be this even-keeled, dull, thing lacking incredible rushes. But there is a Universe of difference between the freedom not-clinging brings and the very temporary high of a victory, that “dopamine rush” (or whatever) or even a “meth high”.

Lastly, I wrote a new post on our sister site, The Teachings of the Eternal Fishnu, titled, I’m a Buddha Trapped in a Man’s Bodhi. It’s dedicated to the 1st anniversary of the Rubber Ducky Buddha of Joliet’s enlightenment,

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