Kintsugi – 10 Days Until the Lunar Bodhi Day

This chunk of rhyolite cracked and patched with green jasper. How many would have picked up this chunk of rhyolite if not for that contrasting green band? Life cracks us in many ways, but when we heal, the scar leaves us more interesting than before. When we inconveniently discover a gap in our skillset, the … Continue reading Kintsugi – 10 Days Until the Lunar Bodhi Day

Raku Cookies – Merry Christmas 2020

The Buddha raku cookie for Christmas 2020, flanked by the Rubber Ducky Buddha of Joliet and The Eternal Fishnu. Buddha wanted a green/red Christmas theme, so he let out his breath until he turned green. Merry Christmas!! Here are this year's Christmas raku cookies!! Raku Christmas Cookies Raku Cookies are a tradition of the Order … Continue reading Raku Cookies – Merry Christmas 2020