Life Out of Complexity – Bodhi Day 2020

Cellular Automata at 538 iterations of 1500. This automata starts from almost pure randomness and evolves into a crystalline pattern based on a simple rule. The nature of the automata's rule clearly emerged. Embrace Change The core of Buddhism is to accept that change is relentlessly constant, therefore we will be free from suffering if … Continue reading Life Out of Complexity – Bodhi Day 2020

Resilience – Bodhi Day 2020

Life on Earth is the quintessence of resilience. Resilience If you're reading this here in November 2020, you're seeking the freedom from suffering that Siddhartha Gautama found on Bodhi Day about 2500 years ago. This Enlightenment isn't really that hard to find, especially around the Holiday Season we're just entering. Most have experienced this, at … Continue reading Resilience – Bodhi Day 2020